700ml Touch Lucky Gin
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700ml Touch Lucky Gin


ABV 40%

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.

― Plato, The Republic

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Juniper and zesty citrus are at the forefront of Touch Lucky Gin, with lemon, orange and lime standing out, perhaps surprisingly when considering the leafy and woody associations of plantations and canal pathways. There’s a pleasant distinction between the down-to-earth and pithy notes on the nose and the bright burst of zesty and sweet citrus on the palate, which itself is balanced neatly by lavender, and rosemary and the continuation of principal quintessential spices. Touch Lucky Gin’s fresh, inspiring flavours make for a crisp and aromatic gin and tonic that captures the feeling of spring and summer all year round. 

Genuinely made in small batches.

We hope that you will enjoy Touch Lucky Handcrafted Gin as much as we have enjoyed making it.



1 review for 700ml Touch Lucky Gin

  1. Rachel

    It’s handcrafted in Wigan, of course it’s amazing!

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